Cash Giveaway for Fun-Friday!


I love Friday!  What a better way to start this weekend than with a cash giveaway!  That’s right $20.00 free!  Take a friend to lunch or for a cup of coffee and start connecting.  It would be so awesome if the winner took a friend he or she doesn’t know all that well and they start a friendship!  That is what this is all about.  Connecting.

You just have to do a few things digitally to be entered in the drawing.

Here how it works:

TO PLAY, YOU MUST:  Sign up to follow our blog ((home page, hit follow and sign up)) 20 entries  (we need to know how to get a hold of you if you win.)

These are for extra entries:

*  Go to our Facebook page and like us!  5 entries

*  Share this blog post in your status and attach the web address 10 entries  ((

*  Go to our Twitter page and start following  5 entries

*  Tweet about this blog post 10 entries

*  Follow us on instagram 20 entries  

You must come back and comment on this post telling us what all you did.  If you are already a follower on any of the social media, let us know in your comment…you will still receive entries.

Game ends tonight at 8:00 PM!  So hurry and go do your digital assignments!  Everyone can play, even leaders and church staff.  Winner will be announced on Saturday on our Facebook page and by email.

It’s Fun-Friday…now go have fun!