Vertical Change



Some people like change, and they can embrace it.  Others, hate the word.

I fall somewhere in between the two.

I pray most everyday that God will use His Word and my morning quiet time with Him to change my heart and make me more like Him.  That’s the kind of change I am looking for!

Is all change good?  I don’t think so.

What if you decide that you are not going to rob banks.  That is good right?  Well, socially, yes it is good (Lawfully too…so don’t rob banks!).  But what if you don’t change your heart and gravitate toward God and His will, is that good?  What if your love for money and desire to make money doesn’t change?  What if you keep money on the throne of your heart removing God from being number one in your life?

Is that good?

Changes of the heart is what I am seeking.  Social change is good…or that horizontal change and worldly change.  But what I am seeking is to draw closer to God.

I want change that stems from an inward change of heart.

I want change that is achieved only by the Holy Spirit.

I want change that is entirely accepted by God Himself.

I want to change for God and to change so that it satisfies Him.

I don’t want to just produce outward change for social results because outward change doesn’t involve heart change toward God.  In fact, it creates a self-satisfied person.

I want to satisfy God.

I want a vertical change.

External changes that do not follow an internal change of heart toward God always moves a person further away from the Lord…so change that is socially good may be religiously evil.

This is my prayer…

Hosea 11:8b

…my heart is changed within me.

A vertical change.

How do you feel…do you think all change is good?  Do you want to see a vertical change in yourself?  How do you plan to do it?

We would love to hear from you…