How to find a little name like Rizpah in this big ole Book?

This morning it dawned on me that there just might be many ladies in our Bible study who do not know how to go about studying the women of the Bible.  We have an assignment “Rizpah” but how do you find her in this Big Ole Book we call the Bible?  Well, I thought I would share with you how I am doing it…and maybe a few other women will comment how they do their studies and with all of that, you too can come up with your own study method.  ((I took pictures and everything to help us out!))

So, you have your Bible.  Here is mine…my biblesee, it even has my name on it…isn’t that sweet!  🙂  Anyway, it can be pretty intimidating!





thickAfter all, it is a pretty thick Book!  Where are you to start?

Well, you can plan to read the whole Bible before we get together next week in hopes you run across her name…not very likely, but if you do…great job!  Reading your Bible is never a bad thing.

So, where do you start?


master index

Turn to the very back of your Bible to the “Master Index”  imagine a very deep voice saying “Master Index”.  Anyway, this is where I start.

It’s in ABC order too…very helpful.  Let’s see is our Rizpah is here….

back of Bible


oh no she is not!  Or at least in my Bible she is not.

Now what?

Don’t dispear…there is more ways to find her….


Go a little further back in your Bible and find…”Dictionary and Concordance” …also said photo-46in a very deep voice.  Let’s see if she is there.






Oh no!  Not there either.

Now what?  Scratch your head for a moment…


Ellen gave us hints…she said I Kings and Matthew.  Well, those are big books in themselves.  I did skim through each looking for a highlighted page on our Rizpah.  ((by the way, I did remember her before she was mentioned last night…don’t be too impressed.  I too am horrible with names.  I try to remember a person by associating them with another person I know by the same name.  Now Rizpah, I couldn’t do that, I do not know another Rizpah.  So how did I remember her?  Simple…I roll my “R” when I say her name.  It’s fun try it Rrrrrrrrizpah!  That is how I remembered her.))

After I skimmed and still found nothing on our girl….I turned to our study. Our Study

Women of the Bible.

She’s gotta be here…after all she is up next!



our study index

Looked in the index…and there she is!

Finally, I found her.


inside study

Turned to her page…and found she can be found in the book of Samuel.

II Samuel 21:8-11

So before I read the page in our book, I wanted to read about her in the Bible.  ((this is my personal preference…I try to stay away from books and commentaries until I have dug in the Word.  You must remember, books, studies and commentaries are all written by man and are their view points.  All can be great views…but I want to form my opinion on God’s Word first, then I can read about other people’s opinions…it is a good practice to get yourself into if you haven’t yet))

So, I turn to II Samuel.  samuel

There she is…all inked up in my Book.  I knew I studied her…

And there she is again…praise God, I do not have to read the entire Bible before next week!

((Not a bad thing again, just sayin…it would take a while))

samuel again

You can find out a lot about one person in these verses.  She’s a daughter and  concubine to name a few.

Still need more?  I did too! barley

Go to your foot notes…again, it is commentary in a study Bible, but sometimes they reference more scriptures!

Well, not today…but I did find out about the barley festival…more on that later.

more scriptureThere in the sidebar of your Bible you can reference more scripture, a cross-reference point.  It will send you elsewhere in your Bible about the same topic in a particular verse.  more scriptures

So…how do you keep track of it all?  You can’t hold your Bible open in that many places…or at least I cannot….so you do this:



You grab yourself a piece of notebook paper.  Don’t be hatin on my chicken scratch either ladies…it was at 3:30 AM when I did this.  Just sayin…

So you start to write everything you know so far about our Rrrrrizpah.  ((Did you roll your “R’s”???))) 🙂

Make a list of the other scriptures given to you and start looking them up!  As you see I crossed some of them off because they didn’t relate to our girl.

I also wrote Ellen’s hints of scripture down too…but I am still digging on those.  I have not found anything yet, but I am sure she knows what she’s talkin about.

So, I closed my study for today.  I will dig back into tomorrow.  I will most likely Google her name and see what I come up with too.  PLEASE a word of caution, not everything is true that you find on the internet.  If you don’t take anything else away with you from this post, please take this…if you find it on the internet or another source…find it in the Bible BEFORE you conclude it is truth.  If you cannot find it…dismiss it until you can.  God’s Word is the only TRUTH!

If you have other ways you study your Bible and want to share, please comment.  There are many who might not know how to start…and this can give them ways they can.

Now, before we go…I mentioned the Barley festival.  In my footnotes it mentioned the festival ran April-October.  Rrrrrizpah stayed with the bodies the entire festival!  That is a very long time.  “They” say ((whoever “They” are)) put yourself in the Bible and relate these to your life.  So, I did that this morning…here are the questions I came up with…

Could I stay with dead bodies that long? NO!

What have I completely committed to for 7 months?  I could not think of a thing!

What about you?  What questions can you ask yourself that you got just from reading the scripture about our girl Rrrrrizpah?

Love y’all! Mean it.