Meet Liz…

221602_10150165171242175_3666343_nMeet Liz Morgan and her husband Mike.

I recently asked Liz to tell us a little bit about her family…this is what she told me:

“I have been married to my beloved & best friend, Mike for 17 years the 28th of September! We have two kids, Michael a Junior in High School, 16 & he enjoys wrestling on the Cabot High School Wrestling team. And Ashleigh a Freshmen in High School, 14 & she enjoys music & dancing and she serves on the ThoseKidz team here at ThatChurch. Mike is an Egroup leader for married couples, and fills in on the Guest Services team when needed.”  Whew, Liz…you sound busy!382802_10150354889667267_372782488_n

Ahhh look at this happy couple!  Love it.

Liz and kids





What a wonderful picture!  I love this one…





Liz and daughter



Mom and daughter…look at those blue eyes! WOW!  So beautiful!



1011267_10151761715335030_2076182953_nThis is their family cover for their first album.  No just kidding…

Doesn’t it look like a cover?          ((I don’t know if anyone of them sings anyway…maybe they do!  This would make an very nice album, you might think about it Liz!))






This is Mike, he is a “CERTIFIED MAN” he has the T-Shirt to prove it.  ((Cool shades Mike! Are those PJ pants? Just sayin…))




Back to Liz…how did you land at ThatChurch Liz?  “We came to ThatChurch when it was Mercy’s Cross and located back behind Popeyes 10 years ago. We were invited by Kevin & Andrea Billingsley…..they’ll have to ask me for the story 🙂 It’s way to looong to try and tell you! LOL”  Ok, the next time you see Liz…ask her for the scoop…we need to know the WHOLE story!


What ministries are you involved in Liz?  “I my self-serve on the Women’s Ministry team, I help Mike lead a married couples group, I fill in, in the nursery from time to time.”  She’s modest, she does WAY more that!  We may have to ask Renee and Jasen, they will tell us! ((Great friends, I can tell!))





How did you get started in the women’s ministry anyway?

382346_4576085608710_37328591_n“I got started in the Women’s Ministry from the beginning! I like to say it’s all Renee’s fault….she made me!!!!!((Oh!  I won’t tell her you said this)) But no she didn’t, she ASKED me “If we start a Women’s Ministry will you help me?!?!?!?!?!” and God laid the Women’s Ministry on my heart! The Women’s Ministry has brought me closer in my relationship with God and other women, older and younger! What a blessing they have all been in my life! I have to say my favorite part of the Women’s Ministry is EVERYTHING! Being on the lead team, having a team of my own, the events that we host, the other ministries that we serve with, are all greats ways to connect with other women(older and younger)! We can all learn from all of them and I couldn’t think of a better place, way and ministry!!!!!!! As I said earlier ALL of the ladies at ThatChurch have a very special place in my heart, for one reason or another.”  Boy!  Are we glad Renee made you…I mean asked you too!

Hey, Liz what do you like to do as far as hobbies are concerned?  Besides your singing career?

“My hobbies & interests, WHEN I HAVE TIME, are scrapbooking, sewing, cleaning, organizing, family time, learning, researching, the list is endless!!!”  Seems that is the theme to most of these interviews…when there is time.  Maybe that should be your album title!  🙂  Sounds like one!

65689_10151622820300030_1196355644_nAll kidding aside.  Liz has a huge heart and is loving, caring and compassionate.  She is beautiful inside and out.  Just ask anyone who knows her.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty and the call of volunteering!  If you do not know Liz yet…I suggest you add her to your gotta-do list.  She is that person you MUST know and become friends with.  You will be glad you did!  Tell her you saw her on the blog…and just go hug her neck.  She will warm you with just her smile…and melt you once you know her!  She truly is a blessing to many…including myself.  I love you Liz!








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