Meet Renee…

Meet Renee and her husband Jasen.  Like you really need introduced to these two!  222730_10150165171362175_5931977_n[2]They are all over the church and LOVE to meet and greet everyone, especially new people visiting the church…that’s just one reason I love them so…and I know it’s one of yours too!  420039_10150580580152175_804407324_n[1]They do it so well too!  You know why?  They are genuine!  If I had to pick just one word to describe this couple…((which is very hard to do by the way)) it would be genuine.

I asked Renee what she could tell us about her family…this is what she said  “I married Jasen Oliver February 14,1997…Yes ladies, That’s right, Valentines Day! I am a sucker for Chocolate, Teddy Bears, and Romance!!  🙂 We have four kids: Justin is 22 and he just moved to Boston for Grad school. 😦  Ashleigh is 20 and is a nursing Student at UCA. Maddie is 15 and will be starting her first year at Abundant Life, and Kenzie is 13 and is a student at Cabot Junior High!” Yep!  We love them all!


This is the whole family…well, maybe not all of them!  They wouldn’t fit into a picture if we tried.

Hey Renee, what do you like to do in your spare time? “I enjoy Scrap booking when I have time…..which never happens anymore…..but
one day!!!  lol  I also LOVE to decorate !!! I enjoy spending time with Family
and Friends!!! They mean EVERYTHING TO ME!!!  :)”

303752_10150354889557267_645534140_n[1]I asked Renee how she landed at ThatChurch and here is her story, “We moved her from Pennsylvania, (yes, don’t hate…..I’m a Yankee) four years ago. We live in Cabot and tried every church there and just couldn’t find a church that we all agreed on and liked. As God would Have it, The bus missed our stop the first day of school. We offered to drive the kids at our bus stop to school. The parents walked down to thank us that night, and the mom was wearing a Mercy’s Cross shirt. 312281_2693506782516_1299773612_n[1]I asked her about the church and she invited us and later walked down a worship guide with the service times on it. From that day on, Mike and Liz Morgan have been some of our BEST FRANDS!!!!  🙂 (spell it just like that)  🙂 We have been here EVER since and I know this is EXACTLY where God wants us to be! :)”

AMEN!  Thank YOU Mike and Liz, we are glad you invited this family!

Renee, what ministries are you involved in? “I lead the Women’s Ministry along with Andi Leslie. Several of us started this Ministry 3 years ago. I have such a deep love of encouraging other women in their spiritual journey!!!! God created us to be Connectors as Women, and Nothing makes me more joyful to see ladies Connecting and growing spiritually! I also do the Finances at That Church, so I also lead the Counting team! I love this group of people because they are so faithful in doing work ‘behind the Scenes’. They rarely get recognized, but are here to serve God!”
283613_10151421154932175_1282712037_n[1]Oh Renee!  I believe you do so much more…she’s so humble…
Renee is apart of our church staff.  Those crazy people!  Just kidding.  I know first hand the work, dedication , heart & soul, sweat & tears, and much prayer they do and that is just one day in the life of our staff!
She serves….
999974_689636011062180_589532672_n[1]She serves….
250941_10150201017462175_5989115_n[1]She serves….
230775_2053786026658_6621045_n[1]And she serves some more….you get the point.  Renee’s love to serve and it show on her face and in her attitude.  She is always smiling and never says anything but kind words.  That’s huge!  Like I said, genuine!  No masks with Renee…she is who she is and that’s lovely!  SO thankful to be able to serve alongside of her!
534391_10151079699803403_189941053_n[1]Renee loves the women’s ministry, it is one of her top passions too.  She start this with just an idea…a few select women and here we are!  Building teams and growing.  Thanks Renee!  Thank you for your passion to serve women and your hard work to get it done!
417927_10151598711612326_1045578103_n[1]Always doing something for the women…conferences…
216370_10150159619147175_4382293_n[2]More conferences….
65194_10200426473975659_1441850193_nAnd more….I will not mention the conference in Oklahoma and every day that the tornado sirens went off especially the one in the middle of the night and everyone had to sit it out in the lobby of the hotel.  Well, NOT everyone…you see, Dawn Davis and I were sleeping away, and we did not hear one thing…NOR did they COME AND GET US!!! But I won’t mention that conference.  Ha Ha!
150310_4843055002778_812312417_nAnd more…
Hey do those books say BAD GIRLS!  Oh how this fits.  Did I type that out loud? Oppps….sorry! 🙂
560789_3675782609228_1064912344_n[1]Renee and Stacey Harness, our first lady of ThatChurch share a birthday…isn’t that a small world…here is their last birthday party.
Awe friends and staffers…with huge hearts!  Love it.
540232_3675762008713_1597097083_n[1]Why in the world does that cake say 40 something??? Renee is 29!  That’s her story and she’s sticking to it…now change that number for next year…29 and each year after too!  I got your back Renee!
254051_110660419026065_2324396_n[1]One of the first prayer request she asked me to pray for was one for her daughter Ashleigh. ((Hope you don’t mind me sharing that!))  We prayed and prayed some more.  It was Renee’s BIG ASK!  Well, I share this because Renee allowed me to pull pictures from her facebook page for this post…and I found these…an answer to a big ask, I had to share…
Just one BIG ASK…answered!  Love it!  Thanks Renee for asking me to join that ask!  Oh gosh, I am tearing up as I type this…hold on, I will be right back to finish…just enjoy the pictures while I wipe my eyes.  LOVE you Ashleigh! 🙂
303847_10150372676157175_1594710586_n[1]Renee is a beautiful person inside and out.  She always has a smile…and has many talents and gifts.  Connect and loving on people is just one.  Like I mentioned in the top of the post, she is genuine…and that is a rare gem in a friend.
So if you have not met her yet…go introduce yourself.  Or she will get to you in a few days, she never likes to miss someone…tell her that you read her story on the blog, hug her neck…and you will have a friend and sister for life.  Look at that smile…she wears it all the time.  Thanks Renee!  We ALL love you!

2 thoughts on “Meet Renee…

  1. I love this lady and her amazing family! She is always there with a smile and a hug! She has been there for me and has let me vent to her on many occasions. I thank God for blessing me with Renee and I cherish our friendship!!!

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