Meet Andi…


Meet Andi and her husband Kevin!

So, Andi…tell us a little bit about your family…


“I married Kevin Leslie on Sept 19, 1998…I have two kids Spencer is 20 and a student at UCA and Caitlyn is 14 and is in the 9th grade at Sylvan Hills.  I am from NLR and have lived here all my life.”

I love this picture!

So…Andi, what do you like to do in your spare time?

425836_398545573552270_831914461_n“My job is decorating houses for Christmas and I have a little bit of an obsession with Christmas decorations!   I love to read and watch movies.  I


started keeping bees this year and we are about to have our first honey harvest.  431361_3115434078176_1060853563_nI love to travel and would plan a trip for every spare moment if I could.




I can throw a party for 10 or 100 together in about 20 minutes…the more the merrier!”


Well, we have the right person on the Women’s Ministry team…yay!




Tell us how you came to ThatChurch…

“I always told people when they mentioned finding a new church about this really cool church I kept hearing about in Sherwood called Mercy’s Cross.  I kept telling everyone if they went to come back and let me know what they thought about it.  Even though Kevin and I had both gone to church as kids, we as a family were not attending church at all. Then in 2009 we went through some really bad events but came through them all stronger as a family.  150310_4843055002778_812312417_nKevin looked at me one day and said that it was obvious that we were being protected and watched over and maybe we needed to think about getting to church!  The next weekend, we finally tried Mercy’s Cross with every intention of “church shopping” but kept coming back week after week.  We never attended any other church’s service!  We walked in and it just felt like home!  I think God had every intention of me ending up with this church family, but I kept ignoring Him…putting off going myself but sending out “scouts” to check it out for me…so He dumped some really heavy stuff on me all at once as if to get my attention and say “Go on, now!  Move your butt”!   Since then I have tried to listen better!”



Boy!  Are we glad you came too!

So, tell us the ministries you are involved in Andi…

“I am a leader in both Women’s Ministry and Student Life.  I love love love working in both these ministries.  I used to think my heart was split between women and teens and that I was going to have to choose, but after Shepherd Leader training, I realized that I was just passionate about bringing people together to socialize and get to know each other and God on a more personal level and with these ministries I get to do both.”  Busy woman!

“My roll in the Women’s ministry…is changing all the time!  I am officially the “leader” along with Renee I guess, but I really think my roll is to just be the liaison for all the great team leaders we have in place.  I coordinate all the events that happen in the Women’s ministry.”

What’s your favorite thing about the women’s ministry?

307875_2178154301926_742953556_n“I love serving in the Women’s ministry because our main focus is bring some great ladies together to hang out, have some fun and learn not only about God and other women, but themselves as well.  I always leave an event with a heightened sense of what it means for me to be a woman of God and what my role is in helping other women to discover that about themselves.”     AMEN!

562001_311872255587166_1783965543_n “We are about to plan out the 2014 calendar of events for the Women’s ministry so if anyone has any suggestions for events they would like to see happen, then let us know!  We are always looking for new and fun ideas!  And there is always room to serve on a team within the Women’s ministry!


That is awesome!  One remarkable lady right here.  When you see her, tell her thank you for all the hard work she does…and tell her you saw her on the blog!

Love ya girl!


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