Welcome to our mid-week pick-me-up.  Our leaders and prayer warriors will lift you up in prayer today.  Please leave a comment below with your prayer requests.  If you want to send them in ahead of time to make it inside the blog post, go to our prayer page and fill out the form or email your requests to: mary@thatchurch.com.  Prayer Warriors…when you see a prayer request below, please leave a comment with a eprayer or a shout out to let these ladies know they are being lifted in prayer.

Thanks again for the participation and let’s lift each other in prayer today.  Leave us a comment for your prayer requests!

1)  My daughter, Tristin. Her wedding has been called off by her fiancé, 5 wks before the wedding, and after honeymoon, dress, venue, everything, was bought and paid for. I have felt in my heart for a while now that he was not the man God intended for her. So I am thankful it was before they were married. But now the grieving begins and it kills me to see my baby in pain. She needs strength and to become closer to God. She is saved, but has not been as close to Him as she used to be. Thank you! (Erika Walker)


4 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up-Prayer…

  1. Through the power of your Holy Spirit, I ask you Lord Jesus to fill us with your love, peace, patience, kindness, generosity and self-control. May your healing hand rest upon us now as we bless all those who have hurt us. Amen.

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