Meet Barbara…


Meet Barbara Rainey, her husband Rick along with her daughter Robin and two grand children!

Tell me a little bit about your family Barbara.

430551_311871672253891_236456831_n“I am married to Rick Rainey, 42 years. We have one Daughter, Robin Gann, married to Scott Gann, two Grand kids, Dustin and Mary Gann. The Gann family also attends ThatChurch. I have lived in this area since I was 9 years old. Grew up in Park Hill and Rick was my high school boyfriend. We got married as soon as I graduated high school.”

42 years, that is wonderful!

Tell us how you came to Thatchurch…

“In the fall of 2008, I was at a real bad place in my life and marriage, I realized that I desperately needed a church family, Robin  told me I would love her church, then known as “Mercys Cross”, so I visited with much apprehension. But I knew the first time I visited that it was the place for me.”  We are sure glad too!

Let everyone know the ministries you are involved in…

“I am on the Guest Services team, serving at the 8:30 service, and have been a small group leader several times.”

Oh!  I think she left off something here.  You see, Barbara is always serving!  Look at all these pictures:


And always has a wonderful smile on her face too!  Barbara is a lady with a huge heart that loves the Lord and her church family.

Tell us what the Women’s Ministry team means to you…


“It’s a great chance to get to know ladies in the church… and surprise, many of them are just like me, and have challenges and difficulties far worse than mine, and I see how strong they are. I see a lot of role models in the Womens’ Ministry. Ladies of all ages, from every walk of life. We really need to connect with each other!”

What kind words…we love this too!

What would you like us to add to the ministry?

“I would like to see us do some sort of little outreach or invitation packets to ladies that are new to the church. Maybe something that could be kept at the info desk, (even if its only a flyer) and when we meet a woman who does not know much about us, we can just grab that and give it to her. It could have an upcoming schedule, explain what Soul Sisters are (I get asked that so much when they see the gifts at the table). Some ladies have been attending a long time and have never participated in any W/M events, they don’t know how fun it is, or what to expect.”

That is a wonderful idea….Renee and Andi, we have an idea here!


Don’t let her fool ya, she plays around too!

Grant, you look scared!  Bahahahaha!


And another!  So cute ladies! 🙂

People should not tell me I can pull pictures off Facebook! 🙂  I have the best time.

383323_2524642168763_1572135159_nThen I found this one…it is my favorite.

As you see, Barbara loves God, her family and her extended family at ThatChurch!  You’ll know that once you meet her!  Go say Hi to her!  You will have a friend for life!

I asked her what else she wanted to share with us and this is what she said,

“All that I can say is how much I love being a part of ThatChurch and love my church family! Getting to know others who are walking with Christ or just discovering Him is very rewarding. It has helped me so much in dealing with my challenges and changing my perspective and my life too! Our Christian walk is very much like a garden that needs constant maintenance, weeding and watering. I sure get that now. I have learned to look to Jesus to feel whole, wanted and loved.” That is Barbara!

Thanks Barbara!


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