Meet Ashley…





Meet Ashley Nelson…






she is married to Stephen Nelson (marriage retreat)








and they have 2 children, Aubree 7 and Jack 6.




They started coming to ThatChurch in the fall of 2011.  They love to volunteer in iServeothers and VBX as a family.

She has also volunteer with ThoseWomen and in the church office.

Currently she is the coordinator for the missions trips for TC.

I asked her what she like best about that and here is what she said…”I am excited that the Haiti trip has been announced and hope people will apply and e-mail me any questions they have!”

Ok Ashley!  We will do that!  If you have any questions are just want to get to know Ashley better and her passion for missions, email her at:

You will be able to see how passionate she is…it will ooze from her emails, so don’t wait…email her today!



“We love sports and I was a teacher and a coach for 10 years, Stephen is a database admin for Northrop Grumman.”  ((Glad to see them in Razorback Red!))  Just sayin…



I enjoyed helping with ThoseWomen but know that my heart is in missions. I am looking forward to the events this fall at TCC.

We are too Ashley!  Can’t wait to see you and all the women there at the fall events!  857871_10151278431657267_319671552_o

I found this picture on her Facebook page and had to say it for the end!  I LOVE this one.

When you see Ashley, go meet her.  You will have a new friend who is passionate for spreading the gospel worldwide…and I can tell you…the world needs more people like Ashley!

Ashley, Thank you so much for doing this interview over email and allowing me access to all your pictures on Facebook.  I appreciate you!  The next time I see you…I will certainly hug your neck! Mary



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