Meet Pam…

387366_10150440312056343_1962843202_nMeet Pam.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Pam about being featured on Meet-Me-Monday’s.  She said she would write something for me…and she did, a poem!

Go Pam!

There once was a gal from Maryland named Pam

Who retired and moved to be near daughter Renee and Cabot to stay.


I visited often & moved here 2 years ago with gram.

Renee chose my house and God gave it close by her land.

I bought without seeing it—it was part of God’s plan.

I’m in Women’s ministry, E-groups and help out whenever I can.


But a heart for women goes back 30 some years ago.

I led a study at nursing home, then taught single again women, and seminars spoke

Because I feel strongly that women need other women

Without which they would be spiritually broke.

My duel-edged passions are women and to offer counsel

Both are tools to help give women encouragement and a thirst to grow.

I love both the connectivity and creativity of thosewomen at thatchurch

Because we all need to come down off our high perch

And feel, love and give and leave none out in the lurch.

I love to paint, crochet, cross-stitch, read & write, and travel


To enjoy God’s best, I bake, cook, grow, and like to learn too.

I love the beach and dogs and gatherings.

Whether living for God, Bible, fiction or other reads anew

All these are spices in my life and hope they will be in yours too.


She’s a poet too!

Of course when you mention Pam, you have to mention Gram.  What a sweet lady!

Pam and Gram are two of my favorite people to meet and hug in the crossing.  It’s not a Sunday without it.

I can say with great pleasure that Pam is my friend.  You will have to find her and gram and introduce yourself…if you haven’t already.  They will make great friends to your list of friends.  Tell her you read about her on the blog…she will love it!

Love you Pam!


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