Tackling Tough Questions…

imgresWelcome to our Tuesday discussion.  Today we will try to answer some of your tough questions.  We know that if one person voices their question and concerns, there are many more who have the same questions, but just don’t ask.

We thought this blog is the perfect place to answer them for everyone.

Question:  Should I use a Bible Study to help my quiet times?

That is a great question!  Thanks for asking.

I am going to answer Yes and No.

Yes:  Having anything to enhance your time with the Lord is a good thing!  If it is getting you in the Word and you are spending quality time with God…go for it!

No:  I have to add that the BEST and un-bias way to study is just you and God.  Remember, people share their opinions in their books…so you get some of that.


But if you just don’t know how to begin to study just the Word of God, then pick a study you think you will enjoy and work it!

It is all good!

Get into a study alone and also egroups or another group study.  It is another great way to learn and grow too!

Get connected!


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