Fun Friday Trivia.  Starts at 4:00 PM until Saturday at 4:00 PM…You must attend ThatChurch to win...any campus, so join in the fun!  First one with all the correct answers in the comments wins!  Good luck!

You can ask for three hints and I will give you scripture for it…just leave a comment and ask for a hint and which number.


Debra has donated this awesome scarf to the winner.  Thanks Debra! (She MADE IT)   If we do not have a winner, we will add this prize to next week’s prize and the pot will get bigger!

Ready go…

1.  Jacob married two sisters, Leah, and then Rachel. What was the girls’ father’s name?

2. The Authorized King James Version of the Bible was first published by the Church of England in 1611. When was the New King James Version published?

3. God performed miracles through Moses in the form of ten plagues brought against Pharaoh and Egypt, in order to show His power and might. What was the first of these plagues?

4. There’s a character in the Bible whose name means “laughter.” Who is that person?

5. What is the book of the Bible where God’s name is not mentioned?

6. After King David had captured Jerusalem, he built up the city even more. What king helped David build himself a home by sending cedar logs, carpenters and masons?

7. What king and queen angered the Lord by leading the Israelites to do evil by worshipping Baal?

8. Jesus did not write a book of the Bible, but two of His brothers did. Who were they?

9. Queen Jezebel died a violent death. How?

10. The Lord became angry with King Solomon because he let his wives turn him away from worshipping Him. How many wives did Solomon have?

11. What biblical prophet was fed by birds?

14. Aaron and Moses were brothers. Which one was older and by how many years?

15. After Jesus’ crucifixion, one of His disciples went to Pilate asking for His body in order to bury Him. Who was he?

16. What Old Testament prophet predicted, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel”?

17. Joseph, a shepherd, was sold into slavery by his brothers. How old was he when this happened?

18. Who said the following? “Do not extort money from anyone by threats or false accusation, and be satisfied with your wages.”

19. If turning the waters of the Nile River into blood was the first of the ten plagues Moses performed against Egypt, what was the second?

20. The angel Gabriel appeared before a priest and told him he and his wife would give birth to a son. The priest was made mute until the birth of his child because he didn’t believe it. Who was the priest?

21. In answer to a prayer, this judge wrung a bowlful of water from a fleece. Who was he?

22. How were Abraham and Lot related?

23. There was a man who had been sick for 38 years until Jesus came along and healed him. Where did this take place?

24. How did Elisha the prophet heal Naaman the Syrian of his leprosy?

25. What happened to Noah when he reached the ripe old age of 500 years?

26. From what book in the Bible does it say that blessings and curses should not come from the same mouth?

27. When Jesus cleansed the temple by driving out the merchants and the money changers, He spoke of destroying the temple and raising it up in three days. To what was He referring?

28. Who said the following? “The God of our ancestors raised up Jesus, whom you had killed by hanging Him on a tree.”

29. To what was Solomon referring when he said, “At the last it bites like a serpent, and stings like an adder”?

30. Cities often get nicknames, like New York (the “Big Apple”), Paris (“City of Lights”), Philadelphia (“City of Brotherly Love”), and so on. What biblical town was known as the “City of Palm Trees”?


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