Tackling Tough Questions…

imagesWelcome to our Tuesday discussion.  Today we will try to answer some of your tough questions.  We know that if one person voices their question and concerns, there are many more who have the same questions, but just don’t ask.

We thought this blog is the perfect place to answer them for everyone.

Question:  How can we start a family devotion?

Family devotions are a great way for families to come together and learn about the Bible together. They should be interesting and fun for everyone in the family.

You want to have family devotions because you know that devotions are a way to keep your family connected and learn Bible truths together, but what about time constraints and busy schedules? What if they just bore your kids and lose their original intent? Listed below are some ways of making the most of your time together and keeping the whole family ready to come back for more!

Tip #1: Do not make devotions boring. Make them lively and inviting. If the weather is nice, get out of the house. Have devotions in different places in the house, and not the same place every time.

Tip #2: Do not make your devotions too long. Rambling on and on is not an effective way to keep your kid’s attention. Get to the point.

Tip #3: Use object lessons for devotions. Having things that your family can feel and hold will really liven things up. For instance, if you are doing a devotion on Noah and the Flood, use stuffed animals, fill a Tupperware bowl with water and have a small boat to float on it. Use your imagination!

Tip #4: Be knowledgeable about the devotion. The devotion will be more enticing if you flow with your words. Stumbling and checking back to references can become frustrating to those listening to you. Give yourself time to prepare the devotion ahead of time.

Tip #5: Make devotions at a routine time. Whether you have daily or weekly devotions, it is a good idea to make them at the same time. This way family members will know when to expect them and clear their calendars for that special time. Making devotions at erratic times will cause friction in the family when not everyone can attend. Avoid that!

Tip #6: Get the family involved in devotions. Let the kids pick out a topic they are interested in or have everyone place topics in a paper bag and draw one out for the next devotion. If kids have a say in what they are learning, they will be more apt to pay attention and participate.

Tip #7: Incorporate real life lessons. While reading from the Bible about a particular event and the lesson it provides, show your family how you have applied this lesson to your life. Go around the room and offer anyone who has had any related experiences to share with the family. Make the devotion real.

Tip #8: Be respectful of the different age groups. When planning a devotion, use different levels of discussion questions and activities to suit each family member. You will still be learning the same lesson, but on an age-appropriate scale.

Tip #9: Switch things up and let different family members lead the devotions. It is a good idea for the parents to lead the devotions a few times, so the kids can get familiar with how things run. But, giving other family members a chance to lead the devotion will make them more excited about what they are learning.

Tip #10: Not all devotions have to be totally serious. Adding humor and laughter to the devotion will make better memories for the family. But do make sure the Bible truth has gotten across to everyone and that they understand the underlying seriousness of learning God’s Word.

Best of all…have a blast! Devotions are a great way for families to bond closer to each other, while getting closer to God.


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