Tackling Tough Questions…

tough-interview-questionsWelcome to our Tuesday discussion.  Today we will try to answer some of your tough questions.  We know that if one person voices their question and concerns, there are many more who have the same questions, but just don’t ask.

We thought this blog is the perfect place to answer them for everyone.

Question:  Which Bible translation should I use?

thThat is a great question!  There are many Bible translations out there too!

My BEST answer for you…the version you should use is: the one you will read.  That’s right…the one you actually pick up and read.  You can have a ton of Bibles on your shelf, but if you never open any of them, what good are they doing you?

th                                                                  A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t!  Love this quote and it is so true.

So when picking a Bible version that is right for you…look at them all.  If it is hard to read out loud, you most likely will not get into it and read it…keep looking you will find one you will read.

Take your time.  Pick one you know you will enjoy reading.  Pick several versions so you can compare them too.  It’s a great way to study.

Happy reading.

P.S. Who’s Bible of the picture above remind you of?  Leave a comment.


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