Welcome to our mid-week pick-me-up.  Our leaders and prayer warriors will lift you up in prayer today.  Please leave a comment below with your prayer requests.  If you want to send them in ahead of time to make it inside the blog post, go to our prayer page and fill out the form or email your requests to: mary@thatchurch.com.  Prayer Warriors…when you see a prayer request below, please leave a comment with a eprayer or a shout out to let these ladies know they are being lifted in prayer.

Thanks again for the participation and let’s lift each other in prayer today.

Here are the requests:

1)  Please pray that my husband Rick would desire a closer walk with God, that he would start coming to church with me to worship and grow with God. Pray that I will stay strong and set a good example. (Barbara Rainey)

2)   Pray for Thomas who is stuck at Cairo airport. (Pam Mitchell)

You can always leave a comment on the prayer page to send your requests, or email me at: mary@thatchurch.com

Love y’all!


6 thoughts on “Pick-me-up-prayer…

  1. Father, I lift my friend Barbra in prayer to you today. It is so very difficult to be unequally yoked. You’re literally torn in half!! She needs her number two to be joined with her in worship of You!! As she waits Lord help her to remember that she’s not alone. You are walking hand in hand and side by side with her and remind her that You want this more than she does. I pray God that you will embrace Rick today. Let him feel your love. Open his eyes and ears to You. Soften his heart. Deliver him from alcohol and replace that craving with a need for You!! I ask this in the all powerful name of Jesus!!

  2. Another prayer request:
    Please continue to pray from my family as we deal with the loss of my dad. Also pray we sale my moms house in Hot Springs and in North Little Rock. She is having a hard time. My dad did so much. Please pray that this school year will not be a stressful year like last year. (Terri Valentine)

    • Father I lift up my friend Terri and her family at this time of their loss. Be with each member who is suffering. Help them deal their won way with their grief Father. Please be with the sale of the two homes they need to sell. Be with Terri’s mom as she is dealing with so mach right now. Also be with Terri as she returns to school this year. Help her stress level to be so low or not at all this year Father…I pray she will enjoy teaching. Lord be with each family member and let them feel your mighty presence right now. In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

  3. Another request:
    My husband and I would love to have another child. We recently found out that I am a carrier of the Muscular Dystrophy my son has. It is a fatal genetic disease and knowing that we do not want to pass it on to another child. Our only option is IVF and the cost is extremely high especially with the extra testing we will need. We have been trying to save and keep hitting some road blocks and are now questioning what God wants us to do. We really just need some guidance to make sure we make the right choice. (Jordyn Gatling)

    • Lord I lift up Jordyn and her husband as they are trying to have another child. Please give them clarity in all their decisions Father…they have so much running in their heads right now. I pray they can sit still and listen to You. Give them plenty of time for them to listen. Give them opportunity to seek You. Don’t allow the world and too many opinions enter their heads to cloud their judgement and Your voice. Give discernment in making these decisions. Lord give Jordyn a peace of mind like she has never experienced and one that only comes from you. Let her feel you right net to her as she walks down this road and season of her life. Lord guide and direct this couple. In Jess Name, Amen.

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