Meet Taylor…

Meet Taylor Grisham.  I recently chatted with Taylor and interviewed this amazing and talented young woman and here is what I found out.

Taylor has been attending ThatChurch now for about 7 years.  She is good friends with Pastor Scott’s niece, Theresa.  They attending high school together and she is actually the one who invited Taylor to visit ThatChurch. ((I am thankful she did too!))

WorshipYou may recognize Taylor as being apart of our praise and worship team.

I asked her what her favorite things about the worship team were…here is what she said…

“I actually grew up singing in church so that’s kind of where my heart has always been! The amount of talent in our team is simply incredible. The growth never ceases to amaze me! I love that as a team we can laugh together, worship together and grow (musically and spiritually) together! I love that my relationship with the band (and tech) isn’t limited to Friday night rehearsals and Sunday morning services. They all have hearts of gold and are constantly encouraging and supportive to each an every one of the other team members!” Worship II

As you can see she is exactly where she needs to be serving!

Taylor is a pleasure to watch too.  She is always smiling and has love and encouragement all over her face when she is worshiping.  I just love our whole worship team!

One thing I know about this young lady is that she is humble and loves the Lord very much…

Taylor has been a very busy lady!  Attending school, serving at church and spending time with family…she has not been too involved in the Women’s ministry YET, but she told me she plans to change that.  She actually did attend the Women of Joy conference.  Anyone who has been, knows that is an experience you will never forget.  ((especially is Tornadoes hit in OK)) Yikes.  Whenever women can attend a conference together and experience new bonds with each other, it is a connection you will never forget.  So, if you have never gone on a conference with the team, you need to try to go!

Taylor loves to read, drink coffee ((think she said addicted to coffee!)) and lover of all things outdoors.  I asked her if there was something she could share with us that not too many people know about her…she said, “My dad and I used to rebuild antique cars when I was growing up–bet you wouldn’t have guessed that one, huh?”Daddy-1

Tell me some more about yourself Taylor, to let people know you a bit more…

Taylor said, “I enjoy cooking, working out, singing, dancing, spending time with the fam and spoiling my sweet nephews! (I never realized how many hobbies I actually had until I started talking!)”

Tell us more about the fam…


“I’m the baby so that automatically makes me the favorite, right? Haha! Kidding. My sister Casi and her husband Matthew are currently stationed in Ft. Hood where they have been for 2 years now. They have blessed me with 2 charming nephews (Wessyn, 18 mo., Colton, 4 mo.)!  I’m a little partial maybe, but they are the cutest little boys ever!! They get that from me 😉 My sister is my best friend…although, that hasn’t always been the case! We have had the typical sister relationship. She always keeps me laughing and motivated to be better!




Tell us more..

Taylor mentioned, “My BIL is the best big bro that I never had growing up! My mom, Michelle, is just as sweet as she is sassy! She has a huge heart for serving people and I am so glad that she has raised me to have that same heart. She’s a poor cook and an awful joke teller ((we will not tell her you said so))…but she knows it and what she lacks I make up for so our relationship works out quite well!

My daddy Craig is, hands down, the most selfless man ever. He is retired from the Army after 20 years and currently works full-time as a Police Officer at Sherwood. He is my coach and my biggest fan! He coached me in softball growing up, he has carried me all over the state for singing competitions, and even came to watch me dance in high school. He has taught me everything from how to clean a gun to how to lead others. He and my mom have been married for 27 years and I am so grateful for the example they have set for my sister and I! I could talk all day about my fam…they are blessed to have me hah!!” ((with the biggest smile on her face.))

You can sure tell she LOVES her family.

I asked her what was something she enjoyed about the  Women’s Ministry and she said, “I hope to get involved more now that my schedule has calmed down a little. By a little, I mean a lot! I love that there are women in the women’s ministry that have reached out to me even not having been actively involved throughout this year!”

I can chat with Taylor all day, pleasant young lady.

There’s a little bit of Taylor.  Please be sure to go give her a hug when you see her…she would love to meet you and you will enjoy her too!


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