Meet Lauren…

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Meet Lauren Suggs.  This is her husband Nehemiah.  They have been married for three years and attending ThatChurch for about a year now.  They just moved to Sherwood about three months ago to be close to work and their church home.

I have the pleasure to sit down and chat with Lauren Sunday.  She is a very sweet lady I am now glad to call friend.


Lauren grew up in church and mentioned she was really involved in her Youth group.  She said she loved it so much she became a leader once she was a little older.  She led the out Pastor Josh, we could have a youth worker on our hands!

th-1Lauren is building her business with her husband…which is also a ministry for her.  She helps others get out of debt.  It is a God-Centered business that she gets to work alongside her husband while helping others.  She refers to it as helping others with their financial wellness. When I asked her more about it, this is what she said, “I’m building a truly rewarding business with my husband. Normally, when we sit down with families they’ve never met anyone like us. Someone with the knowledge, the access, and the resources to the whole world of money, business, and finance. Normally that kind of access has been reserved  for the very wealthy, who can afford to have all of their financial questions answered. What we do is level the playing field so the middle class can have the same access as the wealthy. Because we believe that knowledge coupled with access is true financial power.”  Plus she mentioned, “We both work in our business full-time and are truly passionate about how we are able to help people. We can’t wait to see all that God has in store for our future together! “

When not working with her hubby, Lauren loves to spend time with friends and family.  Remember she just moved to Sherwood…so she could always use some more friends!

th-2The short time I sat with Lauren I found one of her spiritual gifts is encouragement.  She loves to empower and encourage women to be all they can be in Christ.  Lauren says, “Every woman needs to know they were created for a unique purpose in Christ.”

Lauren can be found in guest services greeting all our first time visitors and regulars alike each week…again, with her husband.  This couple was a pleasure to get to know!  You too will be blessed when you meet them also!

I asked Lauren what part of the women’s ministry she enjoyed the most so far.  She said Soul Sisters!  She would make a great soul sister that is for sure!

th-3Lauren looks forward to building relationships with you…the ladies of the church.  So, now that you got a peek into her life, why not stop by and introduce yourself to her and let her know you saw a little of her story on the blog!

Meet Me Monday’s is designed for you to meet a few of your ThatChurch sisters.  We will feature a lady or two each Monday.  Come back and see who we will highlight the next week.

Love y’all!


12 thoughts on “Meet Lauren…

  1. Awe thanks for sharing Lauren Sugg’s story and giving us a sneak peek! Truly an inspiration to get highlights of so many new faces. I love this! Thanks ThoseWomen! Thank you, Lauren for taking the spotlight for Meet Me Monday!

  2. Kim I couldn’t have said it any better and probably not as good…I agree. Great way to see and meet all the new faces. Did not know about Meet Me Monday’s. Still new at this…

  3. Thank you so much for the awesome article! I look forward to meeting more awesome ladies and reading more stories! 🙂

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