Pick-Me-Up Prayer…

Welcome to our mid-week pick-me-up.  Our leaders and prayer warriors will lift you up in prayer today.  Please leave a comment below with your prayer requests.  If you want to send them in ahead of time to make it inside the blog post, go to our prayer page and fill out the form or email your requests to: mary@thatchurch.com.  Prayer Warriors…when you see a prayer request below, please leave a comment with a eprayer or a shout out to let these ladies know they are being lifted in prayer.

Thanks again for the participation and let’s lift each other in prayer today.

Here are the requests I received so far:

1)  Please pray for Gods will be done with lee and school. Also pray that if God has a different plan of action then we have thought that we have the endurance to manage it and be open to His will. Also prayers of health and happiness for the worries to be washed away .  (Kami Tafoya)

2)  Please pray for my school issues to be settled, Charlie’s Upcoming dr appt., my mom’s health and for safe travels when we go to ClevelAnd. (Jennifer Moore)

3)  Please pray for Debbie Coleman (Bonnie Connelly’s sister in-law – Bonnie is Robin Moody’s sister). She has cancer and our prayer is that the chemo gets the cancer in remission and that she get’s over the Pneumonia. She is getting chemo every single day. (Debra Garrison)

4)  I am requesting prayer for Ramona Harris and her family. Her dad is actively dying and Hospice has been called in. This is an extremely hard time for her mentally, spiritually and physically. She is her daddy’s girl so it’s heartbreaking. Please keep the entire family in prayer!! Thank you and God bless! (Lisa Millard)

5)  Please pray for complete debt cancellation and we are in desparate need of a larger home. We are asking for specifics for our home. 4-5 bedrooms, large kitchen, 3 bathrooms, separate family room, and nice size back yard.  (Terri Evans)

6)  Please pray that my husband Rick would have a stronger desire to know God, that he would start coming to church to worship and learn, that his addiction nature would turn from alcohol to GOD, and that I can stay strong and not get discouraged with him; or be judgmental about his spiritual situation. (Barbara Rainey)

7)  For Keith Medlock’s health, for additional volunteers, oak grove life center & central campus. Harnesses & other pastors. (Pam Mitchell)

8)  My family (Amanda Barnett- Burkes )

9)  Debbie Coleman ( Debra knows) but please also pray for Ramona Harris and her family Her dad is very very sick. Also pray for an easy delivery and healthy baby for my niece and her husband. Her name is Jordyn West. She is being induced in the morning. Thank you so very much (Robin Moody)

Prayer time starts right now.


39 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up Prayer…

  1. Lord I lift our friend Kami up to you today. We are praying for Your will be done in their lives and if it is different than what they planned on or are expecting, I pray that You will give them the courage and strength to follow You. Give them endurance and openness to live out Your will as they walk through life…and to do it everyday. Wash all their worries away. I pray Kami will just put those worries into a prayer to You as often as she needs to. Prayer is so much better than worry! Lord be with and comfort Kami. May she feel Your mighty arms around her. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  2. Lord I want to lift up my friend Jennifer to you. I pray for her son Charlie and all the school issues they are dealing with. Lord I pray that you just take these from this family and help them realize that You have this and are bigger than any issue they may be facing. Give the confidence they need to know this fact. I pray You surround her with Your mighty power and give her the strength and discernment needed to handle these issues with Your kind of grace and love. Lord I lift her mother up to you as well. Be with her health, whatever she is dealing with Father. I pray You just wipe all it away and she become healthy again and not have any issues Lord. Be with this family as they travel to Cleveland. Give them safe travel to and from and during their stay. Get them back safely too Lord. I pray all these things in Your Son’s Precious and Holy Name, Amen.

  3. Father, I lift my friend Barbarba Rainey up to you and I pray that you continue to keep her strong and not get discouraged with her husband or be judgmental about his spiritual situation. She is such an inspiration to us all and she is setting the example we should all live by.

  4. Lord I come before you to ask for healing and recovery for Bonnie. She is battling cancer and receiving chemo everyday Lord. Give her strength that she needs and her body what it needs each day as she does chemo. Lord we are praying that this will knock this cancer out and that it never returns. Please guide the medication to where it needs to go and attach this cancer. Be with every doctor and nurse that works on her. Lord while all this is going on, please clear her lungs too. Chemo is tough enough, pneumonia is tough enough by themselves, but the two together have got to be tough. Give Bonnie courage and strength. heal her Lord. Be with her family members too. Give them the wisdom to know what Bonnie needs even when she doesn’t ask. Pour Your love and strength in each one Lord. Let them feel You each and everyday and give them peace that they have never experienced before. Let Bonnie be filled with Joy each day and let her shine for Your glory! Lord I pray this in Your Son’s Holy and Precious Name Jesus, Amen.

  5. Father, I lift Jennifer and her family up to you and I pray that her school issues would be settled. I pray that you would be with her during Charlie’s upcoming dr appt. and I pray for her mom’s health and for safe travels when they go to Cleveland.

  6. Father, this is a hard one to pray for…a daddy. Lord I pray you give Ramona the strength she needs and then a little more. It is hard for a daughter or son for that matter watch their parents going before their eyes. Will you please send your peace and love to overflow the home and their hearts. Surround Ramona with friends that will stand by her and see her through this, even if they cannot find one word to say Lord, their presence will be support. Lord be with her father too. I pray that he will not suffer or be in any pain. I pray that the doctors and nurses will care for him like he is their own father. Lord I pray for comfort and strength…I don’t even have words to say here. Lord you know their needs, please send it their way! In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

  7. Lord I lift Terri up to you and her family home. Lord you know exactly what they are looking for and you know exactly what they need. I pray that they will be able to find a home that is in your will and everything goes smoothly. Give them the wisdom and clarity before they purchase. Help them with their goals they have set for their dept. Give wisdom and guidance. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

  8. Lord I lift Barbara up to you this morning. First, I pray that you pour strength in her like never before. Give her a renewed spirit and a fresh step today. I pray for her husband Lord. Many prayers have been lifted for him. Do whatever it takes Lord to get him to turn and run to You. Lord I pray he does soon. Keep giving Barbara the courage to carry on each day and to be your light for her husband. I pray that she will not be discouraged. Give her a bounce in her step today Lord. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

  9. Lifting all requests this morning. Please pray for Patrick that his liver be healed. He hasn’t been feeling well the past couple of days.

    • Lord I lift Patrick up to you. Your know his need and his current health condition. I pray our SSS prayer…for complete healing of his liver. Lord take this from him. Be with each doctor and nurse that works with him and on him. Lord give him strength. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

  10. Please pray for my mom Pam Rogers, she is stage IV cancer. She is not doing well at all. Please pray that she can hang on until I can get there in the 30th. Chemo is out now just trying to make her comfortable. Pray for me as I make the drive to Tampa and my dad, brothers, sisters as we are all taking this very hard. Thank you

    • Susan, I am praying for your mother and that God will spare her until you get there the end of this month. I pray that God will give you the strength you need. Let me know if I can do anything for you!

      • Lord I lift up Susan to you. Keep her safe as she travels to Florida to be with her mom. Lord keep her mom comfortable during this time. Give Susan strength to help her and her children through this difficult time. lord I pray your presence is felt each day in a mighty way. In Jesus Name I pray amen.

  11. Lord, I thank you for each of these ladies who have given us the opportunity to pray for them, and I pray that you would show up in a major way in each and every circumstance petitioned here. Give peace where and when it is needed and offer comfort and encouragement as well. I pray that Kami will have wisdom and discernment in making the choices that will need to be made soon. Give her the endurance and strength to hold fast to you when it seems too difficult. I pray for Jennifer and her sweet family- let school issues be resolved and may Charlie and Iris be in the best possible health. We know you are our healer and I thank you for caring for them. I pray for Debbie Coleman and the cancer that has invaded her body. Lord, you know her intimately- please remove anything from her body that should not be there. Help her to trust in you during this scary time, and may her faith grow strong as she experiences you moving mountains on her behalf. Comfort her family and friends and give them joy and peace. I pray for Mona and her daddy, Lord. It is so hard to let go of the ones we love most. I pray that you will give this family an overwhelming sense of your presence during this time. May they turn to you during the sad moments, and find you right there in the midst of their pain. May his passing be sweet and pain free and let their final time together be precious and full of great memories.

  12. Lord I thank you for Terri and her family and their desire to be debt free. I thank you for already moving on their behalf to find the perfect home for their needs and finances. I also pray for Barbara and Rick, Lord. I know it is your desire that this couple be equally yoked and of one spirit – in unity worshipping you. Break the chains of addiction that are upon Rick and give him the strength and desire to walk away from his addiction. Replace it with a desire to seek your face and to honor you with his life and marriage. Thank you for it! In Jesus name , Amen.

  13. God thank you for each and every request brought here today and those not listed on here. I lift each and everyone up to You this morning for peace, strength, comfort and healing . God we know that You are the Great Physician in all things, please wrap each person in your arms today and let them know that You are in control and with them through their issues.
    In Jesus name I pray,

  14. God I thank you today for all of the special ladies who have opened their hearts to pray for all the requests on this list and the ones still to come in. I pray that each and every request be heard and that we can all be comforted by your grace and love. Lord, we lift them all up to you so that you might heal, comfort, and grant peace to those involved. Thank you Lord for being able to give it all over to you.
    In Jesus name we pray, Amen

  15. Please pray for my best friend Karens nephew,Brian Campbell. He is 25 and was born with CF.He has been accepted to the top of the recipient list for a double lung transplant.He got ” the call ” the other night,was prepped and ready for surgery,however the donor lungs were not useable..pray that he keeps up his strength while waiting and pray for the family of the future doner.Such a sad situation,but Our God is in control.Thank You all so much.There is power in prayer and my wish is that everyone could lift Brian..

    • Father, I lift Brian Campbell up to you and I pray Lord that you would help him to trust in you during this very difficult time, and that his faith would grow strong. Please comfort his family and friends and give them peace in knowing that you are in control of this situation.

  16. Lord I lift all our campus pastors up to you. Give them wisdom and knowledge and discernment to lead each campus. Give them the strength they need each day. I pray they never put you in a box and that they totally rely on You for all the guidance they need to be pastors husbands and fathers. I pray especially for Pastor Keith and his health…please get him back on his feet ready to work for you God. I pray that everything will just be taken from him health wise and that his next visit he get a perfect health check. Be with our Oak Grove adventure and for the central campus. I know you have great things in store for all of us and I cannot wait. Father use us all for your glory only. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

  17. I lift up Amanda and her family God…you know the situation and what she is praying for. I join her in that prayer. Lord I pray that she finds comfort in others praying with her, but more so in your arms as she prays herself. Lord give her peace and rest. I pray for Amanda. In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

  18. Lord I lift Ramona up to you. Her Father is very sick right now. It is so hard to see love ones sick! Be with this family Father. Heal her daddy Lord. Give Ramona peace and comfort that it is in your hands and you are the One and Only God!
    Lord I lift up Jordyn to you. She is being induced today to deliver her baby. Be with both mom and baby for a safe delivery and perfect health for mom and baby. Wrap your arms around this newborn. I pray for the whole family, life will change. I pray the embrace it and enjoy every minute Father. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

    • Father, I pray that whatever stomach bug that Amy has would go as quick as it came and that you would give her body strength to fight this.

      • Lord be with Amy and get her to feeling well again quickly. Help her get over this bug and bounce back today Father. In Jesus name amen.

  19. This just came in, please be in prayer:

    Bodie Welch and family from Bearden, Ar. Wife and 10 year old daughter killed in car accident. 7 year old survived with non-life threatening injuries.

  20. Lord, I lift Kami and Lee up to you. I ask you to to help Lee determine his path with his education. I ask you to give their family health, happiness and lessen the burdens that fall on their shoulders.

    I lift Jennifer, Charlie and Iris to you Lord. I ask that you guide Jennifer in her decisions for school and furthering her education, that you be with Charlie and his physicians as they are treating him. I also ask, Lord, that you help Iris through her health issues. Be with this famiy as they travel to Cleveland.

    I lift Debbie Coleman up in prayer, God. I ask that you heal her of cancer, let the chemo treatments resolve the cancer and God, give her remission. Lord, I ask that you heal her of the pneumonia that is effecting her health too.

    Lord, I ask that you wrap your loving arms around Ramona Harris and help her in helping her father make his transition from his earthy body into his eternal life with you, Lord. Comfort her and her family. God give Ramona the strength that it will take over the next few weeks to endure this process of loss. I ask that Ramona feel your love surrounding her now.

    God, I lift Terry Evans up in prayer. I ask that you guide this family through the process of eliminating their debt. I ask Lord that you help them to find a suitable 5 bedroom home with a large kitchen, 3 bathrooms, a separate famiy room for them to gather in and a large, spacious backyard. All things are possible with with you, God, and I ask that you provide for this family.

    Lord, I ask that you keep Barbara Rainey strong and courageous as she sets a Godly example for her husband, Rick. Lord I ask that you let him feel your love and presence in their home and that he truly sees how much you love him and want him to follow you. God, heal him of his addictions and help Barbara to guide him to you, Lord.

    Lord I lift up the pastoral staff of ThatChurch.com. I ask you for healing for Keith Medlock. I ask that you lead Keith to doctors that can help diagnose, treat and heal him.
    God, continue to bless the pastors that give us your word each week. Lord, I lift up all the TC.com staff and their families. Thank you, Lord, for these people that give so much of their lives to share you with others. Lord, we ask that you continue to provide volunteers, staff and blessings. I ask that you make the Oak Grove Life Center a place for great change in people’s lives and that our Central Campus will be the center for life change and that with this more people find you!

    God, I lift Amanda Barnett-Burks up to you. You know what lies on her heart and what her family’s needs are and I just ask that you meet them.

    Lord, bless Debbie Coleman’s niece tomorrow as she bring a new life into this world. God, I ask that all goes smoothly for her tomorrow and that she delivers a healthy baby.

    Lord, you are so good and continue to bless each of us even though we fail you daily. I ask that you bless each and every person on this post. You know what the specific needs are. Lord we love you and honor you. It is in in your name that I pray, Amen.

  21. This prayer request just came in too:

    I pray Lord a safe travel as you watch over my Mother. She’s flying to Okinawa to visit our family. I continue to pray God for all the blessings you have provided my family and friends. Amen! (Sherry Eckhart)

  22. Dearest Lord, I come to you in prayer for all of these requests written out here and the ones that are still unspoken. I thank you for the women who have trusted us to pray on their behalf and for the ability that this blog has given us to be able to not only read the prayer requests, but to answer back with our prayers so these ladies know for sure they are being prayed for. I ask you to cover all of these requests and the people asking them in your love, grace and comfort. Let them give their troubles over to you, Lord, so that they may know healing and peace. Lord, I thank you for bringing Mary Craig to the Women’s ministry. In such a short time she has brought so many women together and to you! She is exactly what the Women’s ministry needed! Thank you for her Lord!
    In Jesus name, Amen

  23. Pray for Melinda Spragg as she is driving herself, the kiddos and the dog to North Dakota. It’s 1300 miles one way- and she is the only adult!!!

    • Lord I pray for Melinda as she is traveling so far away with the kids. Keep her safe to and from Lord and keep her focused and alert. Lord I pray the kids do well for her and she makes it home to enjoy family. Lord be with her in the car and let her feel you sitting next to her and so she knows she is not alone. In Jesus name I pray amen!

  24. Our prayer Wednesday is closed for this week. Continue to lift these requests up in prayer throughout the week. If you have a request, please fill out the form on our prayer page or email to: mary@thatchurch.com and we will get in in next week.

    Thank you all!

  25. I have another prayer request that cannot wait until next week, please see below:

    Can you lift Mike’s Aunt’s fiancé in prayer….Her name is Deneen and his name is Dean. He had some type of accident while either Snorkeling or SCUBA diving….details are sketchy from my mother in law. Anyway, he was under the water for quite some time. Has been on life support X 2-3 days and no brain activity.

    He and Deneen just recently got engaged (I saw it last week on 6/12/13 on FB). Just pray for Dean and from Deneen. They are apparently close to making a decision to take him off life support. (Kim Nash)

  26. Lord, I pray for Dean and Deneen and friends and family during this difficult time. I pray that even though Dean is declared brain dead, that you are by his side, and that he is at peace with you. I pray that you will give Deneen and other loved ones the wisdom, strength, and discernment to make the right choices at the right times. Give them peace and comfort, as you know even though decisions may be right, they are often difficult and painful. In the midst of all predictions and declarations as to his state of health, I still pray for a miracle for Dean. I know that through you, a full recovery is still possible. I pray that hearts and lives will be turned toward you as a result of these circumstances and that ultimately, whatever the outcome, that you will be glorified. In Jesus name, amen.

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