Meet Lisa!


Meet Lisa Millard!

Lisa is a part of our Guest Services Team and works the 1st time guest table in the parking lot.  She is one of the first faces you see walking into church.  I had the great pleasure to spend a few moments with her on Sunday.  This is what she shared…

Lisa and her husband Michael (Mike) have been attending ThatChurch for about 1 1/2 years.  Mike also is involved in Guest Services.

thLisa mentioned that she has a little bit of her own Duck Dynasty going on, but not to be confused with these guys…no, she has her own man.

Lisa and Mike—————————————————–>

Right here.  Look at this happy couple!

Lisa and Mike are two of the most joyful people I know!  They always have smiles on their faces.  It is a warm welcome come Sunday!

Lisa enjoys reading.  She mentioned that since she has been in church and a small group, her passion for reading has sparked again.  Lisa loves to talk too!  She messaged me to see if that would fit as a “Hobby”!  Yes, Lisa…talking can be added as one of your hobbies!  She loves to act crazy and have a good time.  In fact, she had me take this picture because most people will recognize her better this way…

Silly Lisa

So if you see her acting crazy…it is just because she wants to have fun…you shouldn’t have to worry too much! 🙂  Well, maybe…just kidding!

Lisa loves the Women’s Ministry!  One of her favorite things is connecting with other women.  “It’s a great way to meet other ladies” she said,  “a way to bring us together.”

She would love to see more community service projects.  This just shows a piece of her heart and passion!

I enjoyed getting to know Lisa!  She is a sweet person.  You will too.  Swing by the 1st Time Guest table and introduce yourself to her.  Watch out!  She is crazy and she will make you laugh…but that is what I like most about her.  Tell her you read her story on the blog, she will get a kick out of that.

Meet Me Monday’s we will highlight a lady or two so you can get to know one another.  I encourage you to meet these wonderful women in person and start connecting!  Friendships start to form with a simple hello!

Love y’all!


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